Welcome to Freedom and Sustainability in Veritas Ecovillage!

Coronado Coronado 64154 Panamá Panama



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MLS: 60003-23033

2000. SqFt

3 beds

2.0 baths

What You Should Know

  • Sustainable living

  • Renewable energy

  • Self-reliance

  • Customizable homes

  • Fresh water sources

  • Beautiful location

  • Close to modern society

  • Tropical climate

Why You'll Love It

Welcome to Luxury

Eco-sensible Living!


Panama is the place for lifestyle and investment.


The tropical climate is amazing.

Freedom and sustainable living is truly possible.

Panama is a safe and welcoming country.

Pacific and Caribbean Beaches, Mountains, Jungles, etc


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Veritas Village is a place for individuals that are interested in living a free life and no longer want to rely on the government, large corporations or other outside forces. Fill in the contact form below and let us know if you would like to learn more about this unique community!


Sustainability Focused

The land has been carefully selected to provide the perfect opportunity for individuals to stop relying on the outside world and live with like-minded people in a fully sustainable community, while still being close enough to enjoy the conveniences of modern society.

To be sustainable, people need water, food, shelter and energy.


Renewable Energy

Reduce or eliminate bills and reliance on corporations or government systems through solar, wind and hydro generation systems as part of the community.


Perfect Growing Conditions

The community produces its own food as well as enjoying the produce of the surrounding farmers. Enjoy being part of self-reliance from community orchards and gardens to full homestead living.


Beautiful Homes

Starting at USD 180.000 Select your land and customize your home from our beautiful, designed for efficiency homes. Including, but not limited to, large estates, tiny homes, mid-size homes, lifestyle farm homes and unique lodging. There is a home that fits your needs exactly!



Model Description 1:Veritas Ecovillage Toucan

M² 206

Bedrooms 3

Bathrooms 3


Model Description 2:Veritas Ecovillage Aguila

Lot Size 315

Bedrooms 4


M2 315


Model description 3:Veritas Ecovillage Gavilan

Bedrooms 4


M2 190


Natural Water Sources

With both a year-round stream and natural mountain spring fed water wells, you can rest easy knowing there is an abundance of fresh water on site.


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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: Coronado
  • City: Coronado
  • Province: Panamá


Roberto Diaz

Licensed Real Estate Broker/ Owner